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The materials available on this website were designed and developed by a group of teachers at St Clare College (Pembroke). Some of these teachers had participated in the PRIMAS project.

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The teachers trialled the materials in lessons with their year 7 classes for the past two years. They have also engaged in evaluating and refining the materials during weekly group meetings held over the same period.

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The team gathered data about the potential of the IMS materials in different ways, namely, through classroom observations (where one teacher did the lesson and the others observed), collecting samples of students’ work, student informal interviews, students questionnaires, teacher reflections and discussions during meetings, photographs of students during lessons and videos filming of a number of lessons.



The photographs above show a group of pre-service teachers who visited a couple of lessons to observe students engaged in small group activity as they worked on one of the tasks.

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The Teachers:
Ms Joanne Caruana Gauci
Ms Alison Tanti Micallef
Mr David Mario Fenech
Mr Stephan Azzopardi
Ms Naomi Attard Borg
Ms Rowena Sciberras
Mr Jonathan Pace
Mr Victor Musu


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