IMS Materials


The materials available include:

A Teacher’s Guide

Communicates the concept of promoting inquiry in the mathematical class while using the materials. It should also support the teacher to enact the underlying IMS principles

The Year 7 Units

Incorporates the objectives outlined in the syllabus and demonstrates how topics can be integrated and how mathematical connections can be made within the 20 units of study presented

Microsoft Word - Scheme of Work Y7 Term 1.docx

Sample Schemes of Work

Present sample 14-week plans each including a set of 10 units


Teaching Notes and Lesson Plans

Detailed descriptions that provide step by step instruction about how the materials should be used. Yet, these are intended as guidelines to help those who are new to implementing an inquiry-based task-delineated approach to teaching

 Unit Worksheets

With worksheets and handout used during lessons


Practice Work

Classwork and homework practice sheets are included for each unit

 Formative Assessment Tasks

There are three (3) tasks which teachers can use to assess how well students can apply what they have learned during the previous lessons. Included in these tasks are: task handout, powerpoint slides, the assessment TRACK card and marking schemes. There is also a session plan and a youtube video incorporated with the ‘Human Tower‘ task


PowerPoint Slides

These are available for some units for the teacher to display a handout, the task problem or the assessment criteria

 Interactive Lessons

These are intended to support the teacher to introduce a task and are also occasionally used for the plenary session when students present their work to the whole-class



There is just one video available at the moment. We hope to get this video library showing typical IMS lessons going soon!

CT Video Slides

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