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Follow the links below for some interesting articles and papers on the use of inquiry-based learning.

 This October 2011 issue, presents ways of getting started with student inquiry.

Getting Started with Student Inquiry

Issued in May 2013, this 8-page booklet provides guiding principles for educators on how IBL may be implemented in class.

Inquiry-based Learning

A book excerpt on inquiry-based, problem-based and cooperative learning.

Teaching for Meaningful Learning

This paper focuses on the nature of inquiry and provides guidelines and strategies for implementing IBL teaching methods.

Implementing IBL Teaching Methods

Inquiry-based teaching, an inquiry-oriented curriculum, the role of the teacher and the textbook.

Inquiry-based Teaching

An ‘attack’ on the use of inquiry-based learning as a teaching strategy.

Kirschner, Sweller and Clark (2006)

A response to Kirschner, Sweller and Clark (2006).

Hmelo-Smith, Duncan and Chinn (2007)

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