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Through the link below you can access a video of Mr Stephan Azzopardi, a teacher of mathematics at St Clare College (Pembroke) and one who has greatly contributed towards piloting the materials presented.

This 15-minute video captures a 45-minute lesson in which a Form One class (11 year-old) engage with an inquiry-based task, dealing with properties of triangles.The lesson is part of the unit ‘Classifying Triangles‘.

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Before you watch the video, here is some useful information about the class.

The 26 girls taking part are the highest set class. They are, by and large, considered to be average to high ability students. This is not the first experience that students had working through small-group activity. Throughout the year, the teacher provided numerous opportunities of learning mathematics within a collaborative setting.

The topic was ‘new’ to the students – in the sense that  this task was planned to serve as a topic starter. Students’ prior knowledge relied within what they had done and recalled from the previous years, that is, while they were in primary. Indeed, the teacher knew the students well enough to believe that they would, at least, be able to remember the names of particular triangles and identify some basic properties.

The video highlights three main phases:
  1. Presentation of the Task – the teacher first introduces the topic of triangles and then explains the purpose of the task, that is, classifying different triangles in a two-way table;
  2. Small-Group Inquiry – the teacher sets students in groups of 4 to 5 students (a heterogeneous group composition) and then assists students while they work on the task;
  3. Student Presentation – students communicate their work to the whole-class and justify their conclusions.

Enjoy watching the video!


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