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The Mathematics Assessment Project


The Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS) works with districts and states on the design and implementation of performance assessment, and on professional development for designers and teachers. The major current project is the Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP), developing formative assessment lessons and rich summative performance tasks to support the Common Core State Standards, emphasizing the vital mathematical practices they require. Access the link provided below for a wide range of great teaching ideas and useful curriculum materials.


The Nuffield Foundation


Nuffield Foundation site features classroom-trialled resources to support teachers in their teaching and assessment of key processes of mathematics for 11-16 year old students. Twenty activities, a mix of investigations and practical explorations, can be downloaded. The Assessing Mathematical Processes (AMP) resources are based on the Graded Assessment in Mathematics (GAIM) materials.

The AMP activities include:
  • Mathematical investigations, such as working out how many texts are sent if everyone in a group sends one to all the others in the group.
  • Practical explorations, such as designing a table or scheduling the work to be done in a fashion workshop.

The activities are accessible for almost all secondary students, offer a wide range of contexts and relate to a broad spectrum of the mathematics curriculum content (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data handling, probability, …).  Some are more suitable for group work, some may extend the most capable of students.


NRICH enriching mathematics


NRICH is a website for teachers as well as students. It offers a range of resources for secondary school mathematics teachers as well as activities which students may try during class and at home. This website also offers support to parents.


The Academy of Inquiry Based Learning


The Academy of Inquiry Based Learning (AIBL) is an association of professors, instructors, teachers, and non-teaching supporters (such as retired professors or teachers having IBL experience, administrators, foundation personnel), whose mission is to improve Mathematics Education. This website explains what is IBL and why use IBL. This association also encourages teachers to use some or all of the available IBL methods. Access the link below for more details and resources.


Inside Mathematics


Inside Mathematics  is a professional resource for educators passionate about improving students’ mathematics learning and performance. This site features classroom examples of innovative teaching methods and insights into student learning, tools for mathematics instruction that teachers can use immediately, and video tours of the ideas and materials on the site. Access the link below for more.




Illuminations is a project designed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and supported by the Verizon Foundation. NCTM serves as a content partner for Thinkfinity, the Verizon Foundation’s free online professional learning community, where Illuminations is the primary contributor of resources for teaching and learning mathematics. This website includes teaching ideas, activities, games and lesson plans, while it also offers the possibility of sharing resources, joining in discussions and participating in special interest groups. Access the link below for more.


The European Project PRIMAS


PRIMAS aims to effect change across Europe in the teaching and learning of mathematics and science by supporting teachers to develop inquiry-based learning pedagogies so that in turn, pupils gain first-hand experience of scientific inquiry. The project aims at supporting teachers in integrating and applying inquiry-based learning pedagogies in their mathematics and science classrooms. During the project’s lifetime (2010-2013), various resources and support measures have been developed and made available to teachers, parents and students in a materials database. These include, teaching materials, professional development courses for teachers, support for teachers and support for professional development facilitators. Access the link below for more.




Mascil involves a range of activities to support teachers in implementing inquiry-based learning and teaching as well as connecting mathematics and science education to the world of work, namely through:

Cick on the link below for more.




The teachMathematics site is full of teaching materials, teacher notes, activities and latest updates that may be of interest to teachers. To access entire site you need to log in or subscribe to it. Alternatively, click on the free stuff button on the home page to access free pages or check the blog (this is also free). Click the link below for more.




Bowland Maths aims to make maths engaging and relevant to pupils aged 11-14, with a focus on developing thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills. From the set of tasks presented, the mathematics is intended to emerge naturally as students tackle problems set in a rich mixture of real-life and fantasy situations.These materials in this website range from classroom projects, assessment tasks, professional development modules and a lesson study project.


Inquiry Maths

Inquiry Maths

Inquiry Maths is a website that provides a range of mathematical statements, or prompts, which are intended to stimulate student explorations! If you are interested in improving student assessment, take a look at an interesting section Assessment for Inquiry.


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